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Just Be Friends-- OC Version by BlackAngel0817

I honestly think your artwork is pretty good, and you obviously will have great talent with more practice :D You already know how to draw hands very well so thats already pretty good. One recommendation is i can see that you tend to draw feet in a almost "chibi" way. Try not to make the tips so pointy, make them more rounded and the bottom, since if you look at our toes when there in shoes they dont look pointy.Another thing is your characters look very....Stiff. Try drawing the legs separately so they have a bit of space in between them and they are resting on the ground at a slight angle. And maybe do something with the arms too, like have the characters looking at each other at a 3/4 angle with there arms at some sort of angle, either pulling away or sort of reaching towards each other. If you need you should pick up a drawing book with a anime/manga style, they usually have lots of great poses to look at to inspire you!
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